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Self preservation or beautification?  Early cultures used colors from natural substances to attract animals or to blend into the environment to enhance their hunting success.  Through the advances of modern objective science we have the information to back up the intelligent choices made by these early people through their subjective observations of the results of applying products to their skin.  Oils and granular substances kept skin lively and protected from harsh elements.  The Egyptians were the first to be extravagant in their beauty culture.  From personal grooming to religious ceremonies to burial preparations, they incorporated animals into their beautification for the believed connection to certain gods and goddesses and natural substances for cleansing and protecting their skin.   Henna dye which they used for hair dye, fingernail and tatoo art came from the shoots and leaves of the mignonette tree.  This dye is extremely popular even today.  All classes of people practiced cleanliness every day believing that cleanliness was connected to holiness.  They used sodium bicarbonate and myrrh to care for their teeth.  They lined their eyes for spiritual connection to a god but also to protect their eyes from glare.

The Hebrew were the nomads.  They picked up tips from the local people wherever they landed.    They believed their bodies were gifts to be cared for and their grooming revolved around self care.  They used myrrh for their teeth and for parasites they used myrrh and pommegranate.  They used olive oil and grapeseed oils to moisturize.  Sometimes they added Frankinsence and Rosemary.  They used hyssop and cinnamon balms for healing and keeping in body heat.

The Greeks gave us the word Cosmetics from Kosmeticos.  Their idea of beauty was the naked body of an athlete.  The body was considered a temple.   They bathed in oil and dusted in fine sand to exfoliate, protect from the sun and regulate body temperature.  They used honey and olive oil for protection against elements.  Galen developed the first cold cream.  White lead eyeliner was a popular cosmetic of the Greeks.

The Romans were famous for their baths. They enjoyed steam therapy, body scrubs, massage and the use of rich oils, fragrances from flowers, saffron, almonds at the baths.

The Asians adhered to a high standard of grooming and care.  In China the ruling class rubbed tinted gum arabic, gelatin, beeswax and egg whites to paint their nails black or crimson.  In Japan the Geisha removed their body hair by threading. Blackened teeth was considered attractive from the 10th to the 19th centuries (long time, eh?)  They used a paste made of sake (what a waste), tea and iron scraps.

The Africans, except for the Egyptian, (aren’t they part of the African continent?)  used their natural environment to create remedies and grooming aids.  People of African descent  have the cool hair so they were big on the intricate hairstyles.  Apparently they used the mignonette tree for toothpicks because they are antiseptic.

Don’t know need to know about Russia or the Americas for my exam but will look into it.  As far as northern Europe:  we go into the different Ages next.


As the civilized world spread it’s colonization class system a significant split was created between the peasants and the wealthy unhealthy practices using products such as lead and arsenic powders to adorn themselves according to accepted social trends.

Riverbend House

Schedule a personal intensive healing retreat at Hilo Oasis at Riverbend House.  Intensive fasting incorporates total cellular nutrition and detoxification support with bioavailable amino acids from predigested whey and/or rice protein.  A protein sparing fast is most crucial to maintain crucial metabolic cellular enzyme systems and muscle mass, while supporting cleansing and rejuvenation at all levels of cell, tissue, organ and system function.  Essential vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates and fiber are also supplied along with important accessory nutrients to assure success in your healing program.

The body naturally cleanses through the action of many systems including the immune system for local tissue detoxification via oxidation of metabolic wastes, toxins and xenobiotics, regular colon elimination of the most toxic wastes in the body via peristalsis, liver elimination via the bile or breakdown of toxins, often making them less toxic and water soluble for kidney filtration, and kidney elimination via the urine.

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Gecko on Mexican Sunflower

The Shire is a 90 acre oasis near Pahoa, Hawaii.

Located on the Rift Zone of the most active volcano on the planet, it is also considered a global energy point, at 19.47 degrees latitude, a resonance point which is where the base of a pyramid lands with its apex at the South Pole, also defines the location of Olympus Mons, the most active, largest volcano on Mars, and the Great Red Spot on Jupiter.  This is the dominant terrestrial source point for ORMUS (Transition Element BEC’s) as it levitates molten lava from beneath the earth’s surface to form the Hawaiian archipelago, a process thought to be continuous for over 50 million years that can be extrapolated from the geomagnetic record on the sea floor.

Surrounded by what remains of the largest tropical rainforest in the Kingdom of Hawaii lies about 20 acres of former sugar plantation know as The Shire.  Here we aim to grow many things, including food, medicine, fiber, dyes, flowers and, not least of all, healthy hobbits!

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Naka Ima workshop at Riverbend House

Heart of Healing workshops began in 2001 in New York as a synthesis of Naka Ima workshops (which later spawned Heart of Now) which focuses on freeing both inner and outer consciousness and communication, together with a comprehensive approach to understanding and supporting self-healing of the physical and energetic body.

Extensive work with breath and emotions, emphasizing acceptance, awareness, identification and sharing, as well as work in small focused teams allows participants to make great strides in the course of an intensive weekend workshop.  Group sizes are small and a high ratio of assistants to first time students ensures a depth of experience that reaches the core of who we are and how we are being.  Assistants often choose to participate many times at a support level in the basic workshop both to help others receive the gifts they so appreciate, and to further their own skill sets.

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Light at the end of the lava tube…

Have you ever wished you could clarify your direction in life?  Maybe you have found yourself asking the big questions like “What am I supposed to be doing with my life?” or simply “What is my next step to move toward my life goals?”

Sometimes it really helps to have another perspective in life… like how having two eyes gives us more depth of vision… or a guide to help you see the light at the end of your lava tube!

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Ginger blossom

Coming this winter… an exciting new approach to facial rejuvenation using select photon frequencies, anti0xidant electron resonance and aromatic essential oils, for all-natural stimulation and support of facial muscle toning, lymphatic drainage, connective tissue tightening, circulatory stimulation, tissue cleansing, and more… including reflex stimulation of internal healing to support clearing of facial symptoms like ‘liver frown lines’, ‘dark kidney circles under the eyes’ and more!

I am honored to give you the opportunity to experience this unique approach to reaching your esthetic goals… by improving your health!!

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Healing with Nature…


Hilo Oasis is ready to soothe your aching soul!  Come relax and heal…

Experience the rejuvenating and regenerating effects of nature…  Whether it is the therapeutic application of color, healing energy frequencies, aromatic essential oils, or even the healing heat of surf rounded lava stones… we orchestrate your healing experience with care and attention to your unique personal needs.

Explore a variety of cutting edge biofeedback based healing modalities from around the world!  Feel the tingling release of endorphins with Russian SCENAR, designed to replace all pharmaceuticals for Cosmonauts in space…  German Electro-Dermal Screening allows us to select natural healing methods for your body’s needs in real time… ensuring that every remedy is energetically balancing for the chi flow in your meridian system.

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Riverbend HouseWelcome to your Hilo Oasis at Riverbend House!

Enjoy the lush gardens surrounding Riverbend House, and the sound of waterfalls along Wailuku Drive as it winds its way along the bank of the Wailuku River, cascading its way into the Pacific Ocean at Hilo Bay…  This is where the canoes came in to Hilo for the market, at Maui’s Canoe, a giant canoe shaped rock formation visible from the bridges over the Wailuku River, just a block away from our Oasis!

Stroll to Hilo’s famous cresent moon shaped white sand beach!  Hilo is Hawaiian for the shape of our beach, which is the first shape the moon makes (after the each moon).

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