Naka Ima workshop at Riverbend House

Heart of Healing workshops began in 2001 in New York as a synthesis of Naka Ima workshops (which later spawned Heart of Now) which focuses on freeing both inner and outer consciousness and communication, together with a comprehensive approach to understanding and supporting self-healing of the physical and energetic body.

Extensive work with breath and emotions, emphasizing acceptance, awareness, identification and sharing, as well as work in small focused teams allows participants to make great strides in the course of an intensive weekend workshop.  Group sizes are small and a high ratio of assistants to first time students ensures a depth of experience that reaches the core of who we are and how we are being.  Assistants often choose to participate many times at a support level in the basic workshop both to help others receive the gifts they so appreciate, and to further their own skill sets.

Rae leading a workshop

Susan ‘Rae’ Luscombe’s work with healing has ranged through metaphysics, with years of dedicated spiritual practice of Kundalini Yoga while living in an ashram, through work with whole person healing modalities including NLP, Hakomi, Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage, and herbal medicine.  Rae was the first student of Naka Ima trained as a teacher by the workshop’s founders, Jaime Campbell, L.Ac. and Deborah Riverbend, who had spent years training in the Nexus community prior to establishing the Naka Ima lineage.  Rae has apprenticed in European Biological Medicine for 14 years and recently completed Esthetician training at the top of her class at Maui’s celebrated Spa Luna.


Doctor Glen

Dr. Glen Swartwout earned his baccalaureate degree in environmental earth sciences Magna Cum Laude from Dartmouth College, and his Doctorate in Optometry from the State University of New York, one of the top schools in the field of vision care.  ‘Doctor Glen’s’ eclectic yet synthetic approach to health and performance enhancement developed through his years of practice and clinical research as founder of the Optometric Center of Tokyo, Clinical Director of the Learning Abilities Associates as well as practice of European Biological Medicine at Choices for Wellness in New York, practice at the Common Ground Wellness Center while also on staff at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Oregon, and co-founding the Hawaii Center for Natural Medicine, along with research and publication through the Achievement of Excellence Research Academy International, and later the Remission Foundation.  His product formulations and health education were featured for over eight years by Starfire International, a comprehensive health company with 1,000 distributors dealing with air, water, light, nutrition, botanicals, homeopathy and EMF solutions.