Riverbend House

Schedule a personal intensive healing retreat at Hilo Oasis at Riverbend House.  Intensive fasting incorporates total cellular nutrition and detoxification support with bioavailable amino acids from predigested whey and/or rice protein.  A protein sparing fast is most crucial to maintain crucial metabolic cellular enzyme systems and muscle mass, while supporting cleansing and rejuvenation at all levels of cell, tissue, organ and system function.  Essential vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates and fiber are also supplied along with important accessory nutrients to assure success in your healing program.

The body naturally cleanses through the action of many systems including the immune system for local tissue detoxification via oxidation of metabolic wastes, toxins and xenobiotics, regular colon elimination of the most toxic wastes in the body via peristalsis, liver elimination via the bile or breakdown of toxins, often making them less toxic and water soluble for kidney filtration, and kidney elimination via the urine.

One of the most important routes of elimination that is often underutilized, however, is the largest organ in the human body… your skin!  Our culture even promotes suppressing this important natural cleansing mechanism through use of Aluminum in commercial antiperspirants.  The most successful intensive detox programs designed to eliminate even accumulated pharmaceutical residues use Far Infrared (FIR) sauna technology to stimulate elimination via the skin.  FIR is produced by special ceramics made with rare earth minerals, linked with increased longevity.  Unlike other saunas which mainly heat the air, making it hard for many people to breathe comfortably, FIR actually penetrates its photons deep into the body tissues, energizing circulation, activating minerals and mobilizing stored toxins for elimination.  In fact, FIR sauna stimulates twice the amount of sweat production as other types of sauna.  Because of the specific action of mobilizing toxins, this increased sweat production also carries twice the concentration of toxins as well.  That means, over all, 4 times the efficiency of detoxification compared to conventional wet or dry high heat saunas, and all of this bypasses the need for the typically overworked blood filters, the lymph, the liver and the kidneys, to take on any added burden!!

If you have any spine or joint issues, the time for stretching is immediately following your daily FIR session.  For weight-bearing joints, inversion is the key to decompression.  In fact, other than setting your body up in traction, this is the only way to decompress these joints.  This is not to say that body work including yoga and Pilates are not useful or important in your process, but rather that inversion is essential… irreplaceable!   In fact, once you are able to comfortably enjoy up to 40 minutes in a FIR session, you can regain up to 5% permanent stretch of connective tissues in a single inversion session immediately following the FIR, while that quantum energy is still bioavailable in your body tissues to a depth of about a centimeter, and in the circulatory system at all depths…  We all know that we tend to shrink and contract as we get older… well this is one of the few ways we know to get functionally and biologically younger.

Alkalizing is a major part of successful detoxification, because toxicity is virtually synonymous with excess acidity in the body, and alkalinity is needed to neutralize or balance this out and usher the excess acid wastes safely and efficiently out of the body.  At Hilo Oasis, all your water intake will be microclustered electron-enriched alkaline water made via filtration and electrolysis.  This microwater is made of clusters of only 5 to 6 water molecules, half the size of most water.  This results in a water that is a better solvent to more effectively deliver nutrients to your cells and remove wastes from cells and tissues.  It also rehydrates thirsty tissues… In fact, it penetrates into your lymph (the waste collection system for the intracellular fluids your cells are bathed in) and into your cells 10 times better than other waters.  Electron enrichment means that this healing water is the most bio-available and active anti-oxidant you can put in your system, since by definition an anti-0xidant is an electron donor, and water is a much smaller molecule than the nutritional anti-0xidants.  Having an abundance of electrons in your body means you can save your precious antioxidants rather than use them up as a first line of defense.  This is important because many nutritional anti-oxidants also serve other crucial functions, and some are even essential cofactors for enzyme functions, like Vitamins A, C and E.