Gecko on Mexican Sunflower

The Shire is a 90 acre oasis near Pahoa, Hawaii.

Located on the Rift Zone of the most active volcano on the planet, it is also considered a global energy point, at 19.47 degrees latitude, a resonance point which is where the base of a pyramid lands with its apex at the South Pole, also defines the location of Olympus Mons, the most active, largest volcano on Mars, and the Great Red Spot on Jupiter.  This is the dominant terrestrial source point for ORMUS (Transition Element BEC’s) as it levitates molten lava from beneath the earth’s surface to form the Hawaiian archipelago, a process thought to be continuous for over 50 million years that can be extrapolated from the geomagnetic record on the sea floor.

Surrounded by what remains of the largest tropical rainforest in the Kingdom of Hawaii lies about 20 acres of former sugar plantation know as The Shire.  Here we aim to grow many things, including food, medicine, fiber, dyes, flowers and, not least of all, healthy hobbits!

Rae spinning fire hoop

Emphasizing the historical fact and realistic future anticipation that culture, not commerce, is the most important part of a functioning agri-Cultural community, we seek to synthesize the best of historical and indigenous knowledge from around the world with our own creative research, training and experience to go beyond sustainable organic agricultural practices to a culture of both biological and spiritual abundance, with gifts to give to our world.