Riverbend HouseWelcome to your Hilo Oasis at Riverbend House!

Enjoy the lush gardens surrounding Riverbend House, and the sound of waterfalls along Wailuku Drive as it winds its way along the bank of the Wailuku River, cascading its way into the Pacific Ocean at Hilo Bay…  This is where the canoes came in to Hilo for the market, at Maui’s Canoe, a giant canoe shaped rock formation visible from the bridges over the Wailuku River, just a block away from our Oasis!

Stroll to Hilo’s famous cresent moon shaped white sand beach!  Hilo is Hawaiian for the shape of our beach, which is the first shape the moon makes (after the each moon).

Come in and find a array of refreshment for your body, mind and spirit at Hilo Oasis at Riverbend House, in the heart of Hilo Town!  Just call for an appointment to have your own private tour of our rejuvenating spa, and a taste of our refreshing self-healing menu of services!  Let us show you how you can accelerate your self-healing starting today!  Start looking and feeling younger!  After all, quality of life is what really counts… without health, its hard to enjoy what we have worked so hard for…