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Welcome to your Hilo Oasis!

Healing with Nature…


Hilo Oasis is ready to soothe your aching soul!  Come relax and heal…

Experience the rejuvenating and regenerating effects of nature…  Whether it is the therapeutic application of color, healing energy frequencies, aromatic essential oils, or even the healing heat of surf rounded lava stones… we orchestrate your healing experience with care and attention to your unique personal needs.

Explore a variety of cutting edge biofeedback based healing modalities from around the world!  Feel the tingling release of endorphins with Russian SCENAR, designed to replace all pharmaceuticals for Cosmonauts in space…  German Electro-Dermal Screening allows us to select natural healing methods for your body’s needs in real time… ensuring that every remedy is energetically balancing for the chi flow in your meridian system.

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Riverbend HouseWelcome to your Hilo Oasis at Riverbend House!

Enjoy the lush gardens surrounding Riverbend House, and the sound of waterfalls along Wailuku Drive as it winds its way along the bank of the Wailuku River, cascading its way into the Pacific Ocean at Hilo Bay…  This is where the canoes came in to Hilo for the market, at Maui’s Canoe, a giant canoe shaped rock formation visible from the bridges over the Wailuku River, just a block away from our Oasis!

Stroll to Hilo’s famous cresent moon shaped white sand beach!  Hilo is Hawaiian for the shape of our beach, which is the first shape the moon makes (after the each moon).

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